Family Session: How to Prepare

Choosing outfits for a family session can be an overwhelming task, but we want to make it easy for you. Ultimately it is up to you and your family's style to choose what you wear but keep in mind to avoid loud patterns, characters and logos. Consider an overlap in color scheme but don't stress matching perfectly (i.e. all white shirts and jeans). Though it may be your first inclination to dress everyone up in their best clothing, consider dressing in clothes that make you feel comfortable, with a bit of whimsy, especially if you have young children. Think about dressing everyone one step-up from your everyday clothing. Here are a couple of great examples:

Use this session as an opportunity to pamper yourself prior! Your hands will be prominent in the photos, so please have a manicure, and a pedicure too (if toes are visible). Apply face powder to reduce shiny spots and, if possible, please refrain from wearing make-up containing spf because it will add shine to your face. It is a good idea to moisturize knees and elbows and any other ‘rough’ spots. For a slimmer look, choose darker colors and longer sleeves. Sleeveless shirts can draw attention to your arms instead of your face, so keep that in mind.


Organize everything the day before your session so that your family members do not feel hurried and hassled. Try to find time to rest before your session and have a light meal. When you are tired, cranky and hungry it shows and we want you to have a wonderful, relaxed session. Some important items to bring along: snacks, water/juice, any make-up or hairstyling tools you may need (brush, hairbands, bobby pins), baby wipes, tissues and a change of clothes for the kids.


It is a good idea to prepare your kids for the experience as much as possible depending on their age. Let them know that you will all have your picture taken together and individually. Try to describe it as a fun experience where they can jump in the air, make funny faces, be flipped upside down and tossed in the air. Most importantly that they can be themselves! We'll make every effort to have your kids laughing and enjoying themselves.

From experience, the overly-posed portraits are rarely the ones you will be excited about. Images showing your family interacting with each other, having fun and laughing are usually the ones that remind you of this special period in your lives. Gathering your family for pictures is a happy event! There's no need to feel stressed or feel uncomfortable about it. Enjoy yourselves, trust in Rivka and your pictures will turn out beautifully.


Please be on time and don’t schedule any appointments or activities directly following your session. Portraiture requires a good amount of time and you don’t want to rush through your session.


We want you to love the session experience with Rivka and most importantly the end result. If you have a vision of the type of images you want to achieve, email us examples you found online or in a magazine prior to your session. We love to plan, brainstorm and innovate.


Hope you are looking forward to your session as much as we are!!

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